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The Triple Play Splash T-Ball Set offers 3 different ways for kids to play baseball. Young sluggers can build confidence using the adjustable, self-loading tee. Older kids can challenge themselves with the Pop-Up Launcher, where they stomp on the spring-loaded pad to launch a ball straight up. For the ultimate experience kids will love Splash T-Ball, where they can hit the baseball while it's floating on a stream of water!

  • 3 modes of play: Automatic loading T-Ball, Pop-Up Launcher, and Splash T-Ball
  • Kids will have fun stepping on the pedal to load the ball on to the tee, or remove the T and launch it straight into the air
  • Connect a hose and the ball is magically held up by water for ultimate Splash T-Ball fun!
  • Adjustable tee for left and right-handers
  • Includes: Base with a pop-up tee, Bat and 3 Balls

1- T-Ball
Use the beginner mode foot pedal to easily load a ball onto the tee.

2- Pop-Up Launcher
Pop-up mode provides a challenge for more experienced players. Just step on the pedal and swing away!

3- Splash T-Ball
Try the all-new Splash T-Ball for an entirely new way to play T-Ball! Just plug in a hose and the ball floats on a stream of water.