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Large an cool radio controlled robot that can be programmed in 48 steps with the help of the remote. You can also control the robots direction with your hand as it is equipped with sensors. Program A Bots eyes consists of LED-lights and it has fun sound effects. The robot also has a cool dance function with moonwalking. Recommended age: 5 years. 

  • Take robotic fun to a bigger scale with the Silverlit Program A Bot X
  • Gigantic programmable robot that's 40 cm tall
  • With 3 ways to interact with the robot: Pre-program, remote control or motion control
  • Pre-program up to 48 commands
  • Full-function remote control to make the robot walk forward, back, left and right
  • Motion control through hand gestures make the robot glide backward and forward and turn right and left
  • One press to Dance Mode
  • Features LED light facial expression
  • Walks with swinging arms
  • Cool robotic sound effects