Hey I'm Layla,

I love fashion, sewing, and creatively recycling clothes. One of my favourite things to do is sewing new gifts for people by re-using old fabric. 

I’m also really good at solving difficult maths problems, which always comes in handy!

My friends are always asking me for fashion advice and help with their math homework. 

I also love gardening along with the help of Kiya, my super cute cat. I’m really proud of my herb garden and strawberries.

When I have some spare time, I’m usually looking at books on gardening, or thinking about new things I can make. 

When I grow up, I can’t wait to create my own fashion line - one that doesn’t add waste to the world!

Peace, Layla

Empowering and inspiring young girls

Meet the Salam Sisters! A group of loveable, fun, culturally diverse, and incredibly motivated girls.

Welcome to our world of confident characters, stories, and delightful experiences that our young girls can relate to and learn from while having fun. Together we can encourage all girls to dream big and fulfil their potential.

Undercap and two unique scarf styles


Undercap: Well, you can't really wear a hijab without one right? So we designed an undercap just for our Salam Sisters dolls, complete with velcro so it's super easy to put on and hold her hair in place. 

Pre-styled scarf: We wish this came in larger sizes! An easy to slip on and velcro-into-place scarf for those days when she feels like wearing a headscarf without the fuss, while still loving her outfit.


Style-your-own scarf: With a nifty bit of elastic at the neck (no pins needed) and free-flowing ends, the style-your-own scarf encourages young minds to get experimental and create their own unique #HijabStyle.


A hair brush for gorgeous hair

As your doll will arrive at your doorstep with her headscarf on, her hair might be a bit bent out of shape. Not to worry, we've included a hair brush to help smooth things out because hair care counts for hijabi's too!


Characters and Stories

Delve deeper into each girl's world through an original Salam Sisters storybook and activity set (you can colour in the pages of the book too!) Celebrate their wins with them, learn a bit about their families, and discover their interests, goals, and passions.



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